Evans Rolls Out Preview of Beth Ditto’s Plus-Size Fashion Line

Ditto shouts "domino" for Evans

In the week when Alexandra Shulman's little war against microscopic sample sizes and models rages, the Sun's photo preview of the long-anticipated Beth Ditto designs for plus-size Brit label Evans really couldn't have landed at a better time. Just as sentiment turned against the lack of options for less-svelte women — even at the Gap! — the line by the Gossip singer, Florida native, and "flabby lesbian," as well as the efforts of Hot Topic, Forever 21, Target, and others cataloged in the Times today would seem to prove there is a market for the well-hipped hipster. And as for the clothes themselves? Well … with the exception of the purple-sequined top and perhaps the Golden Girls–chic sweater dress, the designs have a certain busy, Topshop-overstock feel about them that probably wouldn't flatter your form no matter how small or large your dress size. Whatever the result, though, it's a worthy and worthwhile attempt at steering style and sizing back toward the people who, you know, actually buy it. Also, the world really did need a reliable source for plus-size shiny leggings.

Beth's Big on High Street Style [Sun UK]