Fug Girls: Red-carpet Hits and Misses at MTV Movie Awards


The MTV Movie Awards essentially are meaningless — unless you’re incapable of picking the greatest "WTF?" moment in last year’s films without assistance — but they do serve a purpose beyond keeping the stars of Twilight off the street. Without MTV, how would we know which adult is most desperately trying to appeal to the younger demo (it still seems to be Jim Carrey), which reality-show star is bidding for larger fame (we're thinking Brody Jenner's drippy girlfriend, Jayde), which tween is on the fast track to posing for Playboy (perish the thought, kids), and — most important — who among them has the most cracked-out stylist? Click through for a taste of the evening’s red-carpet stumbles and successes as we hand out our own essentially meaningless prizes.

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