Germany Bans Teens From Tanning Beds; Chace Crawford Changes His Hair

Chace and his forehead.

• Germany's government passed a law that states that no one under the age of 18 can use tanning beds because of the skin-cancer risks. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• Chace Crawford finally ditched his boy bangs, giving the world a chance to see his forehead. [StyleWatch/People]

• Legendary hairdresser Vidal Sassoon is releasing an autobiography next fall. [British Vogue]

• Lily Allen has been spotted in blonde, pink, purple, and blue wigs in recent weeks, and the British fashion critic Hilary Alexander loves the look. [Telegraph UK]

• Is a man's sexiness tied to his eyebrows? Zac Efron's are perfectly tweezed, while Robert Pattinson's are just the right amount of bushy. Who's hotter? [Beauty Blogging Junkie]