Gisele’s Recent Covers Underperform on Newsstands


Has Brazilian Olympian swimsuit goddess Gisele Bündchen outlived her own fame? The Observer reports that, though scientific tests confirm she is still quite attractive, Bündchen's recent presence on the covers of Vanity Fair and Harper's Bazaar has coincided with the publications' lowest newsstand sales this year. Now, it would be hard to pin Vanity Fair's 23 percent drop in sales to one simple picture of "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World". Indeed, the cover boasts stories about Brad Pitt and Barack Obama (really, who wants to read about them?). A Vanity Fair spokesperson, apparently unconcerned about her 401(k), posited that, "It might be that she's losing her looks." Or, have Ms. Bündchen's features have become so familiar and ubiquitous that her image functioned as newsstand camouflage, making the spring issues as invisible as a copy of Us dropped in a sea of Peoples? Or is it just that she's, you know, married, and therefore guys are less interested? Nah, guys aren't that shallow.

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