Helena Christensen, Undercover: Model Takes On Linen Line

FYI, these are "bedroom eyes."

When WWD caught up with model and photographer Helena Christensen, who continues to age like fine wine, she had more to share than her opinions on the continuing Alexandra Shulman vs. Skinny Bitches imbroglio. On top of casting a vote for "all kinds of shapes and silhouettes," Christensen revealed that she is working on a linens line for Swedish clothing brand Odd Molly (for which she also models, right). The line will funnel proceeds to the Chernobyl Children’s Project International (because when you think thread counts, nuclear disasters usually come next). Says Christensen, who's a bit of a shutterbug, "For one bed cover, I wanted to use a huge image that looked like a [photo] that had been torn from an old book and left to fade on a windowsill.” Interesting! If we didn't know better, we'd say she's throwing down the glove at Cindy Crawford's home collection.