Hipster-Eviscerating Blog to Become Hipster-Eviscerating Book

LATFH the book: She'll wait for the movie.

Following proudly in the footsteps of Hot Chicks With Douchebags and Stuff White People Like, Look at This Fucking Hipster — the wholly addictive Tumblr filled with images of the kind of flamingolike lost souls who haunt the L train — will soon be a book published by St. Martin’s Press. We were already feeling stupid for not having invented the brilliant, era-defining blog in the first place. So salutations to Mr. Joe Mande — comedian and once-anonymous author of LATFH — who could be rolling in royalties from what should be solid stocking-stuffer sales in Urban Outfitters' book section this season.

St. Martin's Press to Publish Book Based on Blog Mocking Hipsters [NYO]