If You See Loubs Online for $160, They’re NOT REAL

A fake "Blue Glitter Pump" on Louboutinmall.com.

A reader wrote in to ask if we could verify the authenticity of sites like Louboutinmall.com, which sells shoes with red soles that they say are real Christian Louboutins. However, they sell them for $160. Louboutins never cost that little, even on sale. The shoes on the site look pretty fake, but just to be extra sure we asked the kind people over at Mr. Louboutin's house. A spokeswoman confirmed that sites like Louboutinmall.com sell fake Loubs. "This website is NOT affiliated with us in any shape or form," the spokeswoman said over e-mail. Louboutin's real website has a list of authorized Louboutin retailers. We hope these horrid fakes never make it to Canal Street.