John Malkovich Returns to Fashion, Prepares to Spook Out Milan

Perfectly normal human being John Malkovich.

Yes, once upon a time, Academy Award–nominated™ actor-director John Malkovich also used to have "fashion designer" appended to his name. Malkovich first rolled the dice in the rag trade with Uncle Kimono in 2002, featured in the 2005 judo-infused documentary on the actor Flipping Uncle Kimono. The results were understated, Italian, and not at all psychotic. Malkovich's newest "casual" line, Technobohemian (so nineties), will premier at the Milan shows this weekend. Intriguingly, WWD bills it as "the first phase of a lifestyle project the actor has under development." This could be the beginning of something beautiful or terrifying. Both, ideally.

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