Kate Moss and Aggy Deyn Paper Dolls Eerily Realistic

Kate Moss: Cut along dotted lines.

Oh, those British supermodels — always hopping cities, throwing tantrums, belting out drunken standards. Love them as we do, they can be very hard to pin down. Looks like artist Mel Simone Elliott — noted for her model-obsessed art blog, I Love Mel — got a little sick of it, too, and delved into your color-by-numbers childhood memories to craft paper dolls of Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn. For about $20, you can order the kits from her site and start cutting, coloring, and posing the ladies as you wish. Best of all, these fiber-based supermodels won't throw your laptop into the pool when things get heated.

Better Kate Than Never [I Love Mel]
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