Kira Plastinina Won’t Take ‘FAIL’ for an Answer, Reopens in L.A.

Plastinina: angling for another shot.

You remember Kira Plastinina, don't you? Yeah, the teenage daughter of a Russian dairy oligarch who landed in the States with her namesake line to much media ogling. All went well for a few beautiful months, until the fact that her clothes were kind of, you know, tacky, and her business practices were kind of, you know, shady, caught up with the brand. Well, after her stores in the U.S. shuttered (without paying employees or contractors) last year, the teen queen has returned, reopening two of her old locations in Los Angeles under the name "K. Plastinina," and possibly re-christening another location as "Pink Square" (she's Russian yet feminine — get it?). While many a horror story came out of the days when Plastinina's then-parent company filed for bankruptcy, we're interested to see where the now fully matured, 17-year-old Kira takes a second swing — she continues to sell well in Europe, she recently launched a more tasteful high-end line, and she showed real interest in sharpening her skills when she announced her desire to go to Parsons. Just remember to pay the help this time, kiddo.