Lindsay Lohan Beats Recession, ‘Steals’ $400K Necklace?

What I finds, I keeps.

Oh, LiLo. If it's not one thing, it's another. Having moved her Facebook relationship status from "single" to "it's complicated," it seemed like Lindsay Lohan again had the love of a good woman and reason enough to sit out the next couple of news cycles. Oh, but no. The British tabs are reporting that the oft-troubled ginger left a British Elle photo shoot with a £250,000 custom-made Dior necklace (that's $411,316 to us) last week. While it took staffers two days to report the missing jewels (as this wasn't exactly a stickup), the English police are already "investigating" and angling to question Ms. Lohan in person. Granted, Lindsay's been tagged with getting grabby before (she's made off with dresses and accessories from photo shoots, as well as that infamous fur coat). But we're willing to write this off as a very, very expensive misunderstanding (it was "custom made" for her, after all) or just one of those moments when you wake up hung-over, with someone else's lipstick and two new lighters at the bottom of your purse.

Lindsay Lohan to Be Questioned Over £250k 'Jewellery Theft' [Mirror UK]