Love’s Photoshopper Added Pounds to Beth Ditto


"There’s always that slight worry that fat people are going to be a bit whiffy … but Ditto, who’s 28 (both in age and dress size), is extremely fragrant. The chalky white arms squeezing my back are as are as delicious and comforting as slabs of freshly baked ciabatta." Aren't British journalists the best? References to floury flesh aside, Giles Hattersley's London Times profile of the Gossip singer (and official "lesbian porker") reveals a soft, giggly, and somewhat fashion-naïve side of Beth Ditto. Charmingly, Ditto displays her sizable breasts to Hattersley, noting "these are real," whereas her stomach flaps are "implants." Lovely. But it's the article's other revelations that make it a must-read: Ditto claims that "fat people should certainly not do cocaine," that Katie Grand of Love actually had the singer Photoshopped to look bigger for her cover shot, and that she can't remember the name of that Vogue editor … um … ah … Anna something. Still she's good with the fashion advice for the less fashionably proportioned. "A piece of clothing can’t talk — it can’t tell you that you can’t have it — so really, you're just telling yourself that. You make yourself the victim, because if you want clothes that bad, then make them yourself. You have to get creative if you’re fat. I’m really good at turning a belt into a necklace." Crafty, that one.

The Brilliance of Beth Ditto
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