More of Madonna’s Fall Louis Vuitton Campaign Emerges, With Even More Retouching


The image that leaked last week of Madonna's second Louis Vuitton campaign appears to be the real thing. More images like it have hit the Internet. And they look even more artificial than last week's teaser! Madonna basically wears five different versions of her Met-gala costume and figures just as prominently into each image as a Louis handbag. She has also been Photoshopped to glow in a psychedelic fashion, which seems to be compensating for something, like the guy who spends $10,000 at the Box for no apparent reason and still goes home alone. Madonna may look like she belongs in a brothel in these photos, but alas, that's just a leather chair she's sitting in. But is she going home alone? Eh, it probably doesn't matter when you own one of those bags. See the shots in the slideshow.