Mania Ensues at Unveiling of David Beckham’s New Armani Underwear Ads


Armani unveiled David Beckham's latest underwear ads at Selfridge's in London today before thousands of people. And the crowd went crazy, as you can imagine. We're furiously fanning ourselves in our cube an entire ocean away. Although, is it David's best underwear ad of all time? We're not entirely certain. His campaign from a year ago featured him doing calisthenics on a beach in even skimpier briefs than you see here. The campaign that came out in February featured similarly skimpy briefs, but also a dark, mysterious atmosphere — a certain depth, if you will. The new image of David writhing in that rope like Tarzan on a vine is less complex. Spectacular, as always, just perhaps a tad less provocative.

Beckham's Boxers Bring City To Standstill [Sky News]