Marc, Lorenzo, and Donna: ‘Nacho Figueras Is Sexier Than Prince Harry’

Nacho and Harry. They want you to have this debate.

While we mere mortals were not permitted to speak to her Madgesty at the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic on Saturday, the consensus among the fancy folks surrounding Madonna in the “royal enclosure” was that that Nacho Figueras is sexier than Prince Harry. “Nacho’s the sexiest man on earth. Hello,” said Lorenzo Martone. “I mean, come on — Argentine vs. British? How can you even ask that question?” agreed fiancé Marc Jacobs. Donna Karan also voted for Nacho over Harry. “There’s a place of age where you become appropriate and not appropriate,” she said. What say you? Do you prefer a hot plate of Nacho or a lithe royal dish?

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