Fug Girls: Dissecting Megan Fox’s Red-carpet Strategy


Doesn't it seem inconceivable that, three summers ago, Megan Fox wasn't even a blip on our collective radar of scantily clad, marginally talented starlets? But now, thanks to the combined popularity of Michael Bay and killer robots, we can't open a magazine without running into an article in which she yammers about the myriad ramifications of being sexy — she loves it, she hates it, she embraces it, she can't handle it. The girl seems seriously confused about the kind of image she's supposed to be projecting: Is she the dark and sultry Angelina-esque bad girl, or the just-one-of-the-guys chick who farts all the time? And did she figure out who she's supposed to be before embarking on the massive press junket for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen? Let's take a look and see if her wardrobe has the answers.