Michael Phelps Has a Porn Mustache; Lady Gaga’s Reason for Being Blonde

Can chlorine wash that off?

• Michael Phelps is rocking a porn-inspired mustache. Why he would intentionally want to look creepy, we're not sure. [TMZ]
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• Unattractive facial hair seems to be having a moment right now. The Daily Beast compiled a list of the worst staches and beards to make it to the big screen. [Daily Beast]

• Lauren Conrad posed as a brunette for an upcoming editorial in Harper's Bazaar. And though her hair changed, her aloof facial expressions stayed the same. [Just Jared]

• Lady Gaga keeps her hair blonde so she's not mistaken for Amy Winehouse. [Sun UK]

John Varvatos launched a new limited-edition fragrance named Rock Volume One. The scent is supposed to capture rock and roll with its notes of rose absolute, coffee, fig, and coriander, but clearly it's missing notes of sex, drugs, magic, and booze. [Now Smell This]