MTV Hawks Alexa Chung’s It’s On Wardrobe

Dress by Lover; teeth, model's own.

Only days after taking to American airwaves, British TV presenter (and love child of Ellen DeGeneres and Liam Gallagher) Alexa Chung and her charming, shambolic MTV show It's On … have captured our cynical hearts. Those of you over the age of 17, or who are gainfully employed, may not have caught the new replacement for Total Request Live, but it's a lovely squirt of whiskey in your afternoon herbal tea (we're watching it right now). A bit of a Wangster herself, Chung was already noted for her sharp style and looks before she hopped the pond, and MTV, never one to miss a marketing opportunity, has cleverly catalogued and linked her on-air wardrobe for her hopefully growing fan base. It seems producers are angling to create a bit of a back-end shopping guide by throwing in links to e-commerce retailers so Millennial viewers can hop into her wardrobe of Lover, Kova & T., Steve Madden, and other chic labels. It's like QVC, but with cockney Hampshire accents and Soulja Boy.

See, Then Buy [Blog/WWD]