Nicole Richie to Expand House of Harlow Beyond Accessories

Nicole Richie: Growing by the day.

We kind of hate to admit it, but every day, Nicole Richie compels us to eat more and more of our old words. Her metamorphosis from opiate-addicted, reality-show–slumming, drunk-driving, skin-and-bone Paris Hilton BFF to stable and happy mother, wife, and accessories designer over the past couple of years has had a lot of people rethinking the little lady. Her jewelry collection, House of Harlow 1960, quickly sold out online and in stores owing to its decent prices almost as much as pure name recognition. Having succeeded in floating that test balloon, Richie is now taking the logical step of adding shoes and clothes that will focus "more on old English, equestrian and more sophisticated looks," in Richie's words. This confirms her earlier hints and will be quite a change from the Rachel Zoe–inspired wares of the first collection — another step toward complete credibility.

Nicole Richie’s Second Collection to Include Clothes and Shoes [Grazia]