Nude Carla Bruni Photo Auctioned for $19,600


The latest photo in the Carla Bruni nude series was auctioned in Berlin today. An anonymous bidder paid $19,600 for it! The auction house appraised the picture — one of ten prints — at $3,568–$4,997. However, the photography expert at the auction house would probably argue that this person is out of their damn mind for paying almost $20,000 for the photo. "I really don't know why there is such a hype," Schmidt said. "For us it is not the highlight." It might be that she is the First Lady of France and lying naked on a bed. Though this photo impressively fetched roughly four times the asking price, it comes nowhere close to beating the nude photo of Carla that Christie's auctioned last year for $91,000 — 30 times the asking price. We bet that guy feels like a chump. Click on to see the $20,000 picture.

Nude Carla Bruni photo auctioned in Berlin [AP]