Potential Interns: Do Not Blog About Kelly Cutrone


Fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone's black-cloud presence on The Hills is the only thing that makes the show palatable. With all of the TV exposure (and a forthcoming Bravo series), her company, People's Revolution, has no problem finding free intern labor. "In the beginning these kids stare at me like they're watching TV," Cutrone says.

But it takes real effort and moxie to get fired from an unpaid internship. One of the summer workers, an NYU student, brilliantly cleared this difficult hurdle by blogging about head honcho Cutrone. "The only true part is that I fell down in my patent-leather Prada boots in L.A.," Cutrone explains of the online post. "The other things weren't true, like that they had to hide food from me in the office."

The surreptitious blogger violated the nondisclosure agreement interns are required to sign, and swiftly got the proverbial Prada patent-leather boot in the ass. Cutrone let her down gently. For her. "I told her I'm going to sue the fuck out of your family if you don't take it down immediately and your college tuition is going to seem like a pittance after you face my wrath."