Project Runway Contestants Up and At ’Em by 6:30


Our Project Runway spy inched thismuchcloser to the Gunnster yesterday at Atlas, where contestants are being housed. After running into the film crew in the elevator at the ungodly hour of 6:30 a.m., our little eavesdropper overheard one of the crewmembers talking into his walkie-talkie: "We're picking up the last group [of contestants]. Gather everyone who has to run errands in the lobby." Then they all got off on the 24th floor, which is where the magic presumably happens. After they left, the janitor said the contestants have been getting up at around 6:30 for the past two days. (Spies are everywhere in that building.) And the telltale white van was outside, ready for transport. We can't wait for Tim to come over for a heart-to-heart with the exhausted designers. Until then, party on the 24th floor?

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