Rich Ladies Stocking Up on $1,200 Leather Rosa Chá Swimsuits


The Post reports that Rosa Chá's four-figure bathing suits that you can't even swim in are selling briskly this season. Take for instance the leather suit pictured here, which costs $1,200 and is currently sold out at the Rosa Chá store in Soho. But if you prefer fabrics that might breathe, they also make a $1,200 crystal bikini and a $3,200 Swarovski one-piece. Rosa Chá designer Amir Slama has used fur and oversize mirror detailing on his ultrapractical swimwear in the past. The type of shopper who purchases these items, according to the boutique clerk, has many homes and likes to travel to places like St. Barts and the South of France. They usually buy more than one suit. In that case, we shall eagerly await the television debut of these garments on one of the Real Housewives. Kelly Bensimon would totally rock that leather number. As long as one of the ever-lovely New Jersey cast members doesn't beat her to it.