Rimmel London Won Standards Case; Ashley Olsen Loves Having Raccoon Eyes

Ashley Olsen.

• The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that a Rimmel London ad asserting that its Lasting Finish Minerals Foundation lasts for twelve hours is not misleading. The fact that only 20 out of 99 women agreed to the claim is within standards. [Cosmetics Business]

• Stock up on eyeliner — raccoon eyes is the must-have look. Heidi Klum, Ashley Olsen, and Kirsten Dunst all love layering on dark pencils. [BellaSugar]

• Eye makeup sales are the new replacement for the Lipstick Index. Sales of eye makeup increased by 8.5 percent at supermarkets and drugstores. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• An 18-year-old is suing her tattoo artist after he painted 56 stars on her face, when she claims she only asked for three. The alleged victim said she fell asleep during the procedure and woke up with her face destroyed. [Daily Mail]

• The latest brands offering limited-edition perfumes include Calvin Klein, Pucci, Cartier, and Sephora. With all these releases, being limited isn't so special anymore. [Now Smell This]