Rock-’em-Sock-’em Boy Bots at Male-Model Boxing Throwdown


We've been hearing tell of "Friday Night Throwdown" (a.k.a. "Model Fight Club") for months now. Some of us have even breezed through the somewhat exclusive event featuring male models risking damage to their money-making mugs in boxing matches with local pugilists. Thankfully, the folks at Paper's VIP video section finally snuck in a camera, hostess Michelle De Swarte, and her considerable East End accent. It goes much as one would imagine — or in some cases hope — sweaty boys, right hooks, pretty mugs rendered red and puffy. When the boys, Zac "the Maniac" Taylor (Abercrombie & Fitch, Mossimo, etc.) and Nick Lemons (Armani Jeans, D&G, etc.), square off against the pro fighters, it's clear that they'll need a bit more training before earning their Golden Gloves. Nonetheless, if you ever wanted to watch a son of Zoolander get his comeuppance, or you find restrained violence a bit of a turn-on, take five minutes out of this half-assed summer Friday and enjoy a taste of what they call "the Sweet Science." FRIDAY NIGHT THROWDOWN [Paper]