Rebecca Turbow Is Branching Out


Rebecca Turbow could be called a bit different. She only wears gray or white — an admirable yet difficult concept to execute in a sea of black. Her label, Safe, is based on the idea of actually feeling safe and protecting various body parts within clothing. "Very art-school, I think," she laughs. And she's currently costuming Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes (she's working on an all-blue outfit for his summer festival circuit). Turbow, a featured designer on, is spinning Safe off into two distinct labels this season (Safe and the higher-end Rebecca Turbow), and launching a mini–capsule-collection for Safe at Inven.Tory later this month. Her designs have been hailed as forward-thinking and conceptual — mainly owing to her palette mirroring her closet. "Maybe it's some sort of OCD thing, I'm not even really sure," she says. "Whatever palette I'm into, I pretty much want to make everything that color." She prefers muted hues "like turquoise or mint green, bubble-gum pink, lime yellow, gray." Prior to her all-gray-and-white existence, Turbow wore turquoise, and, at the moment, she's pondering black, but don't expect her to branch out too much color-wise. "You'll probably never see me with bright red or blue in any of my collections." The lines are as clean as the colors: short, cute dresses; expert pleating; cropped jackets; and sexy trousers. The price points are also quite friendly for designer lines, ranging from $110 to $395, with most things clocking in at $250 or under. We picked our favorite looks from both fall lines. For a list of stores, go to