Tallulah Willis Likes ‘Observing’ at Bazaar


It turns out Tallulah Willis isn't technically an intern at Harpers' Bazaar (and good thing, because she's only 15). She's more like an interested observer, she told us at the 2009 Whitney Art Party on Wednesday. "It's not really an internship. I'm just there for two weeks to see how it works," she said. "I'm listening to the editors, seeing what the fashion department does, what marketing does, what the photo department does. It's all over the place." She wouldn't say whether she dreams of becoming Anna Wintour or Glenda Bailey, though. "Everything is interesting," she said. "I really like the fashion department." Our inquiry into how she got the non-internship in the first place prompted Willis to pull her trademark move of excusing herself to go to the bathroom, as she did at the CFDAs on Monday when we tried to ask her about her internship. (We'll admit it, we're pretty impressed with her reporter-avoidance skills. Her parents trained her well.) Regardless of whether Tallulah winds up as an EIC-in-training, her sister Scout has no such aspirations. She’s going to Brown in the fall. “I love clothes, but I want to buy them,” she said, “not work in them.”

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