The September Issue Inspires Fashion Movie Nights


There is a virtual PR force field around the hotly anticipated The September Issue. No further screenings have been scheduled (it won raves and an Excellence in Documentary award at Sundance and played to a packed house at MoMA), and promotional copies are embargoed. Those in the fashion industry used to getting what they want have stooped to bootlegging. A cadre of editors and designers are in possession of the coveted gem, resulting in fashion screening parties. The movie nights are rumored to have popped up in New York, Paris, and a hotel in Moscow.

The verdict? “LOVE!” said one editor who wishes to remain nameless for fear of being sued over her watermarked copy. “I can quote it scene by scene.” But before you start hunting for a download, be warned. “Anything out there is illegal,” says Alana McElroy, a publicist for the film. Alas, the unconnected will just have to wait until the film's September release.