The Stylist Who Used to Work for Vivienne Westwood and Wears Prada Knockoffs


Derbyshire-born stylist Jules Wood describes her look as "very 1920s with a twist, but I mix it up with kind of an eighties kind of feel." She likes labels like Vivienne Westwood and Charlotte Ronson, but also shops at Forever 21, Topshop, H&M, and on Canal Street. When our Video Look Book cameras caught her, she wore a headband from Forever 21 and a Prada-knockoff shrug from H&M. Wood used to work for Westwood. “She’s actually dyslexic, too ... and you’re visually minded so you need to express it in a way as an artist or a stylist," she explains. “I’m dyslexic, yeah. And I went to art school.” Watch the Video Look Book to check out her $10 belt.