Topshop Loans Out Free Bikes, Matching Umbrellas Not Included

Better bring your umbrella.

Topshop is getting into the biking spirit. The megastore is renting out bikes, starting this Saturday at noon, for free. The initiative is an effort to get New Yorkers on bikes, in shape, and trying out all those nifty little bike lanes we've been seeing and hearing about. Now, we've all seen how good biking intentions can go seriously bad (cough cough DKNY), but perhaps this promotion will work. Of course, what hasn't been mentioned is what happens when people don't return the bikes. Dare we suggest an unscrupulous hipster or three would take advantage of such goodwill and steal a bike? Yes. Plus if a newbie rider gets into a wee bit of trouble, well, let's just hope Topshop has considered having waiver forms filled out. But hey, otherwise, cute girls in dresses will be biking around, in the rain.

[ via StyleFile]