Dov Charney’s ‘Everyday Sexy’ Gets Skewered


You know Dov Charney, that ungodly cross between Terry Richardson and Donald Trump, whose skeevy, semi-exploitative ad campaigns have helped place his brand of neon-colored cotton basics, American Apparel, in malls across this great land. Well, the comedy geeks at Upright Citizens Brigade have had their way with this easy mark in a new, all-too-real video short: Abandoning his normal fare of slack-lipped teen coquettes, UCB's "Dov" turns his camera toward the paunchy-cum-"sensual" natives of the flyover states. Naturally, his marketing genius discovers the same radiant eroticism in household objects — lightbulbs, blenders, tinfoil — that sold a million tube socks. "I never realized how sexy a Sharpie could be until Dov Charney made me rub it on a stranger's genitals," mutters one of the unnervingly dead-eyed fake models. "Let's get uncomfortable," says the visionary entrepreneur. Mister, we were already there.

Dov Charney Will Make Middle America Sexy [Gawker]