Victoria Beckham Deflates Her Lady Lumps; Kasia Smutniak Lands Armani Fragrance Deal


• Victoria Beckham supposedly had her third breast-augmentation surgery, in Los Angeles this month. But this time she got them smaller, downsizing from a 34DD to a 34B.
[Daily Mail]

• The blue-eyeliner trend from last year isn't dying down yet. Rihanna stepped out in Harlem yesterday with metallic-cobalt lines on her lids. [Bella Sugar]

• The new Prescriptives Exhilarating collection for summer makeup suggests you wear hot-green eye shadow, peach blush, and pink lips. We'll take everything but the eye shadow. [Lipstick Powder 'N Paint]

• Polish actress Kasia Smutniak is the face of Giorgio Armani's new women's fragrance, Idole d'Armani, which will launch later this month. [Reuters]

Chanel will launch a new Chanel No. 5 bath oil on July 17, which will be exclusively available at Nordstrom for $75. But for antsy shoppers, the preorder is open now. [Makeup and Beauty Blog]