Video: The September Issue Could Be the Antidote to The Devil Wears Prada


The trailer for The September Issue is out and it shows why editors have taken to bootlegging elusive screener copies. The film looks just as amazing as they say, with a healthy dose of Devil Wears Prada flavor, mostly evident in the graphics. This is the real Devil Wears Prada — and probably everything Anna wished that movie had been. She's portrayed as fashion's most powerful force, an ethereal being, a hurricane of fabulousness. Everyone around her seems terrified of her, yet thrilled to pieces they get to be in her presence. "Anna is like Madonna," Thakoon Panichgul says with a glint in his eye. And Anna's one-liners are the best! "This type is so large and pretentious. It looks like it’s for blind people." And: "She looks pregnant." She even tells a shrinking Oscar de la Renta, "I personally would not put this one in the show. The other things you’ve shown us are more exciting." André Leon Talley also appears, sitting at a desk wearing sunglasses and a fur shawl and loudly bemoaning the "FAMINE IN BEAUTY." Amazing!