We Love ... Robert Marc


With almost 30 years of experience under his belt, eyewear designer Robert Marc continues to create beautiful and of-the-moment frames. Never gimmicky or overtly trendy, his glasses make you feel both smart and sexy. It’s even been said that they erase five years from your face — we’ll take that any day! Here, five reasons why we love him.

1. It's real investment fashion, which is what we all want right now.
2. He’s the cutest and most fun eyewear designer you’ll ever meet, and a native New Yorker to boot.
3. With eight stores in the city, you’re always near one.
4. The personal service is truly exceptional.
5. Celebs love him: Uma, Nicole, and Reese are all fans.

Sunglasses, $425 each, at RobertMarc.com or at retail locations.