André Leon Talley Left Out of the First Cut of The September Issue


Last night, The September Issue director R. J. Cutler gave a talk at the Apple Store. The focus was presumably Apple's fancy film-editing software and other techie things, but he couldn't resist gossiping a bit about his amazing, one-of-a-kind Vogue experience. According to the Shophound, he had so much footage and the editing process was so complicated that he left André Leon Talley out of the first cut. He was reinserted into the final cut of the film, since this was obviously an egregious error: André is one of the most entertaining editors on staff and his "famine of beauty" line has become a catchphrase well in advance of the movie's release. Vogue super-fans can even download that phrase as a ringtone on The September Issue's Facebook page. [Shophound]