Balenciaga Designed Air Tahiti Nui’s New Uniforms (Updated)

The boarding outfits.

Air Tahiti Nui commissioned Balenciaga to design new uniforms for the airline's tenth anniversary. The collection includes twenty outfits for the staff of flight attendants, pilots, and ground personnel, and the in-flight team wears two looks per flight: a blue outfit when boarding and de-boarding passengers, inspired by the aqua ocean, and then a more comfortable floral-print outfit after takeoff. Just by looking at them, there is no way we would think the Hawaiian-style shirts are by Balenciaga. But perhaps the house's inner island spirit is coming out? Now we just wonder if they'll ever be on sale in Sky Mall. [Air Tahiti Nui via Luxist]

Update: The uniforms are not by Balenciaga the fashion house, but rather Balenciaga Uniforms. We, for one, are relieved to have that cleared up. [Moment/NYT]