Barneys Removes Bloody Mannequins from Windows


This week, Barneys unveiled windows of bloodied mannequins. The idea was probably to showcase clothes that shoppers would want to be caught dead in, as the saying goes. However, the displays (which looked onto not the street but the vestibule) have been removed. Barneys creative director Simon Doonan said the displays were installed while he was out of town, and he had them removed yesterday after reporters called to ask him about them. Doonan is all for creativity — and Barneys windows are consistently some of the best on Madison — but said "this clearly crossed the line." Apparently some shoppers were confused and some were appalled. Racked wrote they were "curiously in love with the idea." We are too. After all, we see more appalling things just walking around New York every day. Like window displays in sex shops, piles of garbage that are bigger than our entire apartment, random dudes shamelessly ogling the breasts of strangers, and toe rings (why?). Some red paint splatters on a vestibule window? That's nothing.

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