Best Bet: Cute Cure


Help Remedies is trying to make healing simple, cute, and fun. On July 20, the line of ibuprofen, acetaminophen, loratadine (antihistamine), diphenhydramineHCI (sleeping aid), and bandages makes its debut in cheery boxes labeled "Help I have allergies," "Help I can't sleep," "Help I have a blister," and "Help I have a headache." To celebrate the launch, Ricky's is decking out their windows with concepts like "Help I'm turned on by sneezing" and "America needs help (and health insurance)." Four dollars is a bit steep for a box of sixteen ibuprofen, but we're suckers for the simple yet brilliant packaging. Now if only they could make "Help I'm bloated" or "Help I have heartburn."

$4 at Ricky's (for store locations check