Best Bet: Lucky Charms


We wrote off charm bracelets sometime back in the nineties; the novelty of collecting a representative trinket for every occasion faded fast. We’ve since seen various incarnations of the personalized jewelry trend, from Carrie Bradshaw–spawned nameplate necklaces to Swarovski’s crystallized empire. But L.B. Valentine’s double-sided letter charms caught our eye with their tongue-in-cheek, mockingly cute images. "U" pairs a unicorn on one side with a pair of well-endowed tightie-whities; "J" depicts a jackpot and the ubiquitous jumpsuit; "T" shows a comely trapeze artist and target practice; and "M," fittingly, is for man and magnet (there’s something cheekily amusing about a having tiny male torso inscribed in fourteen-karat gold). Who says you have to stick to your own initials?

L.B. Valentine charms, $67 (sterling silver) or $496 (fourteen-karat gold) each at Auto or online.