Blake Lively Likes to Wear Lace Bodysuits Under Crop Tops

We guess she saves the bodysuits for when the camera's aren't around.

Leighton Meester clearly has a stylist working for her — most likely overtime if her Met-gala costume outfit is any indication. But her Gossip Girl co-star Blake Lively has said she doesn't use a stylist. She tells the new British Glamour how she manages to go it alone:

“Don’t be a slave to your style icon. Kate Moss wears 20s flapper dresses that look incredible on her, but terrible on me. I have boobs and a butt so I find dresses with a loose waist that still have a 20s feel.

“I also make sure I dress for my figure. I’ll wear a loose cardigan with a tight top underneath, or a slouchy dress with a little belt. Something has to look good on you, not just be in style.”

Wise words. Perhaps she withheld this wisdom from Leighton that fateful Met-gala night in some sort of real-life Gossip Girl backstabbing plot!

Lively continued:

“If in doubt, wear a bodysuit. Topshop sells great crop tops, but wearing a lace bodysuit underneath stops them from being too revealing.”

We've seen similar looks on those fashion blogs that consist of nothing more than pictures of bloggers wearing clothes as they do exciting things like cross the street, crouch by a fence, and do laundry. So maybe Blake's really up to speed with her blogs, or she has a secret stylist who's really up to speed on her blogs. Or maybe, when she's not working or vacationing in Mexico with Dan, Blake sits around like those bloggers and thinks endlessly about what to wear the next day. Now if she could please hire someone to create a "Look at Me in My Clothes!" sort of blog for her and update it daily, we'd be much obliged.

If in doubt, work a lace body like Blake [My Fashion Life]