A Look Back at Brüno’s Most Memorable Fashion Moments


When Brüno started invading Milan's spring 2009 runways in September of last year, to call the fashion industry "resistant" would be an understatement. He managed to get backstage at Iceberg, Mariella Burani, and Roberto Musso's shows, and storm Agatha Ruiz de la Prada's runway wearing a Velcro suit with bits of her collection stuck to it. Italian Fashion Week authorities quickly responded with official warnings to other labels about the hooligan named Brüno. WWD reports:

“I was furious with that man. He was violent. He pushed my art director to the floor and scared the models,” recalled de la Prada of Brüno. “But there he was, turning my show into a nightmare, and I wanted to kill him.”

But with the movie coming out tomorrow, murder is the last thing on her mind:

“I am happy with it now,” she said after reflecting on her upcoming star turn in the film. “It can be amusing, no? Besides, he’s given me a lot of publicity.”

And that is the awesome power of Brüno: to make the fashion industry laugh at itself. We've been laughing at Brüno throughout the filming and promotions leading up to the release, mostly for his gifted fashion sense, which has led to some spectacular ensembles. In the movie, Brüno wears pieces by Alexander McQueen, Roberto Cavalli, Raf Simons, Dolce & Gabbana, Thierry Mugler, and Dsquared2. To whet your palate, we've compiled a slideshow of Brüno's best looks over the past months.

Brüno's Day Off [WWD]

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