Christian Siriano Is Collaborating With Starbucks


Tomorrow is a great day because, as Grub Street kindly informs us, Starbucks is giving away free pastries with the purchase of any beverage (it only runs until 10:30 a.m. or when the pastries run out, which is lame, but anything free from Starbucks is still exciting and worth the carbs). Tomorrow is also a great day because Christian Siriano is unveiling his holiday collaboration with Starbucks. Apparently the glory of reality-TV fame doesn't stop at holding one's own fashion show in Bryant Park and selling clothes at Saks. Details on the collaboration haven't been revealed, and news outlets aren't allowed to report them until November 17, but that gives us months to get excited and speculate about the exact nature of the partnership. Maybe he's designing clothes for the beverages to replace those boring cardboard sleeves. Or maybe he's designing Santa-inspired outfits for the employees to wear during holiday time. Or maybe he's simply letting Starbucks create one of those delicious iced sugar cookies with his face on it. Whatever they're brewing, it's good to see Starbucks finally doing something with the fashion industry, which arguably comprises the chain's biggest fan base. Hopefully this is their gateway to sponsoring Fashion Week in September. Not that the free McDonald's coffee wasn't fabulous in February, but unlimited free Starbucks would put the ubiquitous complimentary Veuve Clicquot to shame.