Can Colette Make Construction-Worker Chic Happen?

Layman's Timberlands and Colette's Timberlands.

Paris boutique Colette is collaborating with Timberland on a limited-edition line of six-inch-high work boots, as you see above. Whereas a regular pair of six-inch boots comes clean, with black leather trim and coordinating camel laces, Colette's boots come with blue leather trim, blue-and-white laces, the word Colette printed across the tongue, and bonus dangly leather tags. But most important, Colette's boots come pre-distressed because Lord knows good hipster fashionistas aren't going to toil outside, paving roads and planting trees in them until they look just right (if only a casual stroll down Bedford Avenue would produce the same effect!). It's the same principle behind obtaining the perfect pair of distressed jeans: Are you going to hang over your bathtub with a bottle of bleach and a razor all Saturday afternoon, or are you going to pay Current/Elliott an extra $150 to do it for you?

Colette is making only 40 pairs of the boots — 31 for men and nine for women. Each pair costs 235 euros (about $330). The line hits the store in September. Would you buy them?

Colette & Timberland Do Construction-Chic [Pipeline/Refinery 29]