CROC Overalls and Mickey Rourke Debut at Jean Paul Gaultier Couture

We don't know what it is, but all these things just fit.

Highlights from the Jean Paul Gaultier show today include:

1. The crocodile overalls, worn over fur.
2. The Magnum comdoms handed out for free before the show.
3. The furs, which are sure to have PETA loading up on extra fake blood right now.
4. Unlikely showgoer Mickey Rourke, who had a prime, front-row seat but relinquished it for the fifth row when the show started so that he could talk to fans.
5. The crocodile overalls.
6. The highly caloric and fattening chocolate-covered ice-cream bars girls tried to feed guests before the show. Update: The Magnums are actually the name of the ice cream bars.

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