Daniel Vosovic, Santino Rice, Jeffrey Sebelia to Return for Project Runway: All-Star Challenge


After the disappointing trailer for the sixth season of Project Runway, it's hard to imagine making more time or room in life for the show, but Lifetime is going ahead with the All-Star Challenge, so we are going to try. Past contestants are coming back to compete again (it's like a whole new era of meta-reality-TV!) and the cast has piqued our interest. It includes Daniel Vosovic (season two), Santino Rice (season two), Jeffrey Sebelia (season three), Uli Herzner (season three), Mychael Knight (season three), Chris March (season four), Sweet P (season four), and Korto Momolu (season five). Eight people is half of a normal Runway cast. This special program was shot over a week earlier this month. The format is similar to regular episodes, but All-Star episodes are longer and include "a few more twists." The winner gets $100,000. Jeffrey is the only previous winner to join the cast. It's a shame winning the series didn't do more for his career the first time around. But it's probably a good thing his pursuit of fame hasn't reduced him to shilling for Starbucks.

Lifetime to precede 'Project Runway' return with 'All-Star Challenge' in hopes of nabbing viewers [NYDN]
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