Donna Karan Surprises Us With Her Killer Accessories


We all have our go-to designers for shoes and bags. Hot, sexy heels: Givenchy. Ultracool shoes? Margiela. And bags, well, you never go wrong with a Marc Jacobs. But we officially have a new favorite shoe-and-bag line: Donna Karan. Yes, Donna Karan. After scoping out her bags in the boutique last week, we felt a pre-recession longing to bust our wallets out. (Common sense prevailed.) The red Crosstown zip is simple, chic, and elegant, and frankly, it was love at first sight. The Eldridge bag is cool and roomy. The shoes are va-va-voom hot, with cheetah print, purple suede, and alligator booties (not all on one shoe). Check out the fall line and see for yourself.