Dov Charney Allegedly Letting Go of Less-Attractive Staffers?

Charney, subpoena fetishist.

Oh, Dov Charney. Where would fashion blogs be without the business acumen and law-flaunting ways of the flamboyant, sleazetastic American Apparel capo de tutti capi? Fulfilling his unspoken promise to keep us semi-shocked and eternally interested, Charney forwarded a new set of standards (casually offered, of course) demanding that store managers weed out those employees who do not adhere to the "AA aesthetic." You can reasonably assume this refers to anyone who doesn't display that doe-eyed, dead-inside, jail-bait-ish vision of the brand proffered by its notorious ad campaigns.

Gawker has the details from an "inside" source who witnessed Charney's legally questionable lookism via conference call: "Employees who aren't up to Dov's 'look' and whose work ethic is 'just ok' are being fired. But it's only because Dov wants to weed out the 'ugly people.'" This is exactly the stuff of pro bono law-firm work! The source rounds out the account by noting, "The real irony here is that he is no [looker], himself. He's asking for a class-action lawsuit and I hope that when it rains, it rains hard." Given that the grand pooh-bah of zip-up hoodies has always seemed to dodge every legal fastball with settlements or legal acrobatics, we only expect more actionable fun from the Dov in the future.

We Predict More Lawsuits in Dov Charney's Future [Gawker]