Esteban Cortazar Out at Ungaro, But Will Lindsay Lohan Land the Campaign?


After almost two months of reported discontent at the house of Emanuel Ungaro, head designer Esteban Cortazar will leave the label. Ungaro is expected to announce the parting today, labeling the breakup a "mutual agreement." But everyone knows breakups are never really mutual. Usually the party labeling the breakup as such is technically the dumpee — the party who would have gotten dumped had they not preempted the breakup by reaching said "mutual" decision. So where did the conflict begin with Cortazar and Ungaro? Another woman. (Gasp!) And her name is Lindsay Lohan.

Ungaro CEO Mounir Moufarrige is reportedly looking for a celebrity face to star in the label's ad campaign to invigorate the house. The leggings-designer-cum-straight-to-cable actress is one face being considered among about six women. Cortazar disagreed with going in this direction. Perhaps he hadn't seen Lindsay's modeling in the Fornarina campaign, which we can only describe as groundbreaking.

Potential successors to Cortazar could not be learned. It's also unclear if Lindsay will in fact land the campaign, or if Ungaro will shack up with another other woman.

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