Fran Drescher to Launch Skin-Care Line for HSN

Fran Drescher.

Fran Drescher — yes, she of The Nanny — is launching a collection of organic skin-care products exclusively with HSN this fall. Named FranBrand, the nine-piece line includes a cleanser, toner gel, day lotion, eye gel, night eye cream, night face cream, body moisturizer, face serum, and lip balm (available on the HSN channel and online starting November 10). Drescher was hands-on in the products' creation, working for over a year with a chemist in California and an organic manufacturing plant in Oregon. "Women are schmearing stuff on their décolleté, wondering why we're all getting breast cancer. Once you wake up and smell the coffee, it's hard to go back to sleep. So I'm sounding the alarm," Drescher tells us, noting that as a survivor of uterine cancer and founder of the cancer nonprofit organization Cancer Schmancer, she made it a priority that all manufacturing facilities, formulas, and packaging are organic, paraben-free, and carcinogen-free. "I couldn't possibly sell something that wasn't good for me. I'm still in therapy because I put other people's needs above myself."

Also of interest: When she's not hocking FranBrand, Drescher's continuing to spend her time working for the State Department as a public-diplomacy envoy for women’s-health issues. "I'm sent all over the world. I'm going to the Middle East in November, right after I launch FranBrand. Hillary is my new boss. I love her. She's great. I already spoke at the White House — Mrs. Obama invited me." So did she give Michelle any FranBrand yet? "No, not yet. I can't wait."