Gisele’s Baby Bump Photoshopped Out of Her New Ad Campaign


If you've been tossing and turning at night wondering why Bar Refaeli replaced Gisele Bündchen as the face of Rampage, it's because of Gisele's baby bump. Now, true, Gisele hasn't herself announced that she is, in fact, with child, but last week Vogue confirmed it in a blog post about what she should wear when she's in full bump mode. Today, WWD reveals Gisele's campaign for trench-coat company London Fog, which is owned by Iconix Brand Group, the same parent company of Rampage. Apparently Gisele was supposed to do another Rampage campaign, but WWD reports "for a few reasons, including her pregnancy" she now appears in the London Fog campaign, where she wears trench coats instead of skintight jeans — and still fulfills her contractual obligation to the Iconix people.

Gisele's baby bump was Photoshopped out of the London Fog ads to "respect her privacy," according to an Iconix spokesman. You can see in the image on the right that some shading was added to her stomach. On the left it appears as though the retouchers used Photoshop's liquify tool on her midsection and then added a mysteriously small, faint belly button. In that position, with her back arched, anyone's belly would stick out more. London Fog also released a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot that reveals Gisele wore panties that were also Photoshopped out of the ads. Judging by this footage and the final product, her breasts may also have been digitally reshaped and pushed together slightly. Click ahead to watch the video. There's not much to it other than Gisele sitting there while a photographer tells her she's gorgeous, but it has a soothing, meditative quality to it. Besides, looking at Gisele and feeling jealous never gets old.